ConstitutionDAO’s Contributor Comments Prove We Might Win at Humanity After All

ConstitutionDAO’s Contributor Comments Prove We Might Win at Humanity After All

ConstitutionDAO’s Bold Mission Inspired Bold Action

I’ll always remember participating in the ConstitutionDAO fundrise and their social media community in November 2021 as an inspiring experience.  Unfortunately, despite a heroic coordination effort and millions raised to win a rare copy of the US Constitution, the group was outbid. For more detail, please read: “ConstitutionDAO Outbid by Ken Griffin – A David and Goliath Story.”

In the wake of this disappointment, I scrolled through the ConstitutionDAO donations and page after page I uncovered a treasure trove of raw, honest commentary from supporters of all different walks of life. Commentary that conveyed excitement, honor, pride, patriotism, and yes… “all the feels.”

Real People, Real Voices

I’ve compiled these contributor comments because I didn’t want the inspiration and hope of these voices to be lost.

After days of scrolling and screencapping over 17,000 donations, here are over 130 contributor comments to move and inspire you.

FAIR WARNING: Have some tissues handy. 😉

CONFESSION: I hope Ken Griffin sees this. Had he seen these comments — this outpouring of solidarity and patriotism — I’d like to believe that he wouldn’t have pushed to win the auction. I’d like to believe that he would have been overcome with enough emotion to let thousands of people share the glory of a historic moment.

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Hope for a Web3 Future (17 comments)
International Support
Canada (6 comments)
Europe (13 comments)
Asia (10 comments)
Around the Globe (8 comments)
Immigrant Voices (20 comments)
Immigrant Descendants (20 comments)
Riffs & Remixes (11 comments)
Dedications (12 comments)
In Memory Of (3 comments)
We Love You, Mom (9 comments)
National Treasure (4 comments)
Random Fun (5 comments)
Closing Thoughts

Hope for a Web3 Future

An attempt to secure a rare copy of the US Constitution in under a week with a group of internet strangers (regardless of the outcome) is a peek into a more egalitarian future that Web3 makes possible.
ConstitutionDAO Comments Web3 ConstitutionDAO Comments Web3 Pt 2

International Support

Seeing so many non-Americans standing in solidarity — rallying behind an idea they believed in — sets my heart aflutter. Web3 knows no boundaries.


ConstitutionDAO Comments International Canada


ConstitutionDAO Comments International Europe 1
ConstitutionDAO Comments International Europe 2


Around the Globe & General

ConstitutionDAO Comments International Globe

Immigrant Voices

Most Americans, whether in this generation or all they way back to the Mayflower, owe their citizenship to immigration. These comments really capture the gratitude and enthusiasm of America’s newest citizens.ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Voices #1

ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Voices #2 ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Voices #3

Immigrant Descendants

The amount of pride and appreciation in these contributor comments reminds us that the “tired, poor, huddled masses” feel forever indebted to the opportunity afforded them — and they pass this down to their children and descendants. What? Oh it’s nothing, just a little something in my eye.

ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Descendant Comments 1 ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Descendant Comments 2 ConstitutionDAO Immigrant Descendant Comments 3

Riffs and Remixes

Web3 fans are nothing if not creative. Exhibit A:

Riffs & Remixes ConstitutionDAO Comments
Riffs & Remixes 2 ConstitutionDAO Comments


Many contributors posted dedications to special people.
ConstitutionDAO Comments Dedications
ConstitutionDAO Comments Dedications 2

In Loving Memory

Many people took this opportunity to honor someone special, these are just a few samples.

In Memory Of ConstitutionDAO Comments

We Love You, Mom!

We saw a lot of proud sons & daughters posting their regards to Mom.

Love You Mom ConstitutionDAO Comments

National Treasure

While the National Treasure movie was about stealing the Declaration of Independence, the internet decided this was close enough for the ConstitutionDAO’s mission, and dozens of Nicolas Cage dedications and images helped spread the meme.

National Treasure ConstitutionDAO Comments

Random Fun

From lyrics to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (a crypto HODLer anthem) to a context-free misspelling of musician Herbie Hancock, here are a few of my favorite giggles.

Random Fun ConstitutionDAO Comments

Closing Thoughts

Because the project has concluded, the ConstitutionDAO Juicebox Donation page has been archived. And I can assure you, the hand-curated tidbits above weren’t the only type of comment — there was a fair share of random commentary, project shilling, and dank memes. However, in my opinion the internet free-for-all added to its charm. You didn’t have to post a treatise on democracy to participate.

But overall, the passion and spirit really shone through. If you were moved by some of the sentiments, consider sharing the article with a friend. It would be a shame if they were forgotten to time, and we should all be proud that this noble cause brought everyone together.

You might also want to bookmark this page to get back to it later.

Especially when you want a reminder that the spirit and passion of democracy are alive and well, and can’t be held back by digital or geographic borders.

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