Special Projects

Marketing is not “one size fits all.” Your organization has unique objectives and sometimes a specially-designed project will have the greatest impact when compared to a more standard turnkey project.

While you can browse my portfolio for more project detail, here are just a few examples of special projects.


Perhaps your organization would benefit from a style guide, identifying in-house brand metrics, or just a keen marketing perspective to your various digital and traditional brand expressions. Your brand is what your customers decide it is, and that means understanding their experience across all marketing and sales touchpoints to ensure consistency with your mission and vision.

Marketing Technology

There is a vast selection of marketing technology apps, plugins, and platforms out there. It’s a rainforest of choice. If you need assistance finding, evaluating, and recommending a marketing technology to meet your business objectives, consider outsourcing the task for an objective point of view that takes into account manageability, scalability, and measurement.

Marketing Operations

It’s easy to get caught up by the dazzling, eye-catching side of marketing — the gorgeous imagery and seductive promotions. But don’t overlook the importance of process-driven internal and external marketing processes, from document storage and management to metrics reporting and dashboards. Stakeholder collaboration is paramount, and having the operational infrastructure for it is just as important.

Agency Management

Working with marketing agencies of record can be a blessing for medium to large enterprises. However, in the fast pace of day-to-day execution it’s easy to deprioritize performance checkups, proactive planning sessions, and even identifying needs for specialty partners. Having agency-side and client-side experience on your side can help maximize the value of your current (and future) agency relationships.


Have something special in mind? Let’s get started.