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Hi, I’m Elle Gee…Chief Strategist. 

Web3  is changing everything.

A very nascent decentralized, blockchain-based internet — AKA Web3 — is already changing how we relate, buy, and communicate.

Add to this the convergence of other burgeoning exponential technologies – AI, cryptography, electrification, tokenization, DAO governance, and the 2020’s won’t be remembered for gentle change. This decade is going to blow our collective hair back.

My experience runs the gamut from startups to Fortune 500 high-tech companies, spanning every kind of marketing you can imagine, and this shift is the most exciting development I’ve seen since, well…ever.

The “business as usual” approach of staying competitive may not be enough to keep apace of exponential progress of the visionaries.

What is unfolding is a nothing short of a new paradigm in human organization and The Internet of Value — the silver lining behind the Fourth Turning clouds. And it’s going to be a wild, wild ride.

This is the way.


How you do anything is how you do everything.

The drive toward excellence cannot be conferred — it must come from within and be a satisfying end in itself.

Combining this approach with a human-centric view produces remarkable outcomes. We have access to so much data, but humans don’t behave like numbers — we have desires, dreams, needs and feelings. 

With human experience as the north star, and excellence as the rudder, navigating toward success gets a lot easier.

Core Values


It may be surprising, but empathy is central to your marketing goals. Success is born of authentic connections with your customers and prospects, and connection is all about being able to see the world through their eyes — through the lens of their needs, desires, dreams, and challenges.


There is a difference between iterative work and sloppy work, and some of us know the difference. Excellence means being thoughtful, resourceful, and doing the hard work — from planning to details. Sometimes the right thing is also the hard thing, and smart organizations are willing to step up to the plate.


Curiosity is the foundation of lateral thinking — from which all innovation and genius problem-solving is born. Having a narrow focus is so 1990’s — a healthy dose of curiosity is the secret ingredient that helps teams break out of ingrained patterns, think differently, and explore new possibilities.


  • Web3 exploration. I couldn’t be more bullish on this space, my experience includes:
    • Over five years’ cryptoasset investing.
    • Token staking for yield rewards.
    • Participated in two IDOs.
    • Joined, voted in, and lurked in over a dozen DAO communities on Discord.
    • Minted about a dozen digital art NFTs.
    • Consumed enough articles, interviews, videos, podcasts to make me cross-eyed with information overload.
  • Tracking global trends. Volatility, disruption, and technology acceleration are key themes for the next decade, and they are the backdrop for how I think about business and marketing. I summarize what I’m keeping track of in my article on “Global Trends for the 2020’s.”
  • Balancing the “big picture” with execution.  Lofty ideas don’t work without knowing how to bring them to life in the real world, this includes practical prioritization.
  • Information architecture.  Websites, yes. But also any large body of information which can be improved by intuitive organization. The internet has turned us all into ravenous infovores so it’s important to get this right.
  • Working with agencies and creative teams.  Having worked client-side and agency-side, working with either is second nature. –> Selected portfolio.
  • Tech-savvy and tech-forward.  From operations to advertising to e-commerce, I haven’t met a digital platform that’s stumped me yet –> See the platform list.
  • Process and efficiency.  A business is a collection of systems. With the right processes, every system can improve efficiency.
  • Scanning for risk. Fundamentally optimistic, but war-gaming and due diligence uncover blind spots for better outcomes.

Collaboration FAQs

Either, depending on the kind of support you need.

For secondary research and analysis, much of the work can be conducted independently with key checkpoints. More typically, I collaborate with your marketing leads to look at in-house behavioral data (web metrics, social listening, etc.) as well as getting clear on the objectives and outcomes we are striving for.

The best place to start is exactly where you are!

For example, looking at existing marketing plans or go-to-market initiatives. An outside view can often spot opportunities and challenges by virtue of looking at a project with fresh eyes and brings perspective from outside your niche or industry.

This depends on the project.

For projects that are very clearly defined a per-project structure works well. For initiatives that are more complex, an hourly or retainer-based arrangement is a more suitable option.

Contact / Complementary Consultation

If you’d like to set up a :30 consultation, please include a note with your key questions as well as dates/times/timezone in your note below.

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