What is Web3?
What is Web3?

The blockchain-powered internet is set to take the world by storm, but what is it? Here we offer three definitions, as well as a list of current and future benefits – in plain English.

What Do Global Trends Hold in Store for your Business? Only Everything.
What Do Global Trends Hold in Store for your Business? Only Everything.

Take a look at our list of big trends that promise to shape the 2020s. Can you spot ways in which they can add value to your customers? Present unique challenges or opportunities?

Key Crypto Market Statistics for 2022
Key Crypto Market Statistics for 2022

Price action is more meaningful against the backdrop of bigger picture trends – total market cap, adoption, activity, DeFi and NFTs.

Traditional and digital marketing strategy, from startups to Big Tech.

Marketing Strategy

Being off course by one degree doesn't matter at hardly notice it. But over time, arriving at a very different destination than you'd intended is the power of the "one degree effect."
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn't simply a combination of social media profiles and a website. It involves technology, data, user experience, and understanding the customer journey at every step.
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Special Projects

Marketing is not "one size fits all." Your organization has unique objectives and sometimes a specially-designed project will have the greatest impact when compared to a more standard turnkey project.
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Latest Perspectives

Just JPEGs: In Defense of Utility-Free Art NFTs

There's a place for utility in art NFTs, but it comes at a cost. Let's explore the benefits of utility-free NFTs for both artists and collectors.
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What is Web3? Explained in Both Plain and Hopeful English

No technical jargon, just three simple definitions and a list of real-world benefits informed by multiple first-hand experiments.
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Important Crypto Statistics You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Price action is best interpreted against a backdrop of greater trends. In this piece we share charts and thoughts on total market cap, adoption, activity, DeFi and NFTs.
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Nifty’s Matrix NFTs: Minting, Pilling, and Future Missions

A Web3 case study on the Nifty's Matrix NFT Drop. We cover the minting & pilling process, provide all the key project links, and ideate future missions.
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Zach Redler

Zach Redler

Valuable Addition to Any Team

“I had the pleasure of partnering closely with ElleGee as a client. She has the perfect skill set in terms of being able to think strategically, and also being able to get things done. She knows how to get the most out of her agency partners, by communicating well, knowing how to give strategic input and feedback, and by being process-oriented. This allows her to be very efficient with budgets and timing. Her experience spans many different industries and company sizes, and she was able to effectively manage a situation that was growing and changing rapidly. Her marketing expertise is very broad and covers almost every form of traditional and digital marketing.”

~Zach Redler, Director of Marketing & Sales Operations, AffiniPay

Maura Thomas
Maura Thomas
Unique Perspective

“ElleGee is one of the most creative and professional individuals I know. Not only have I sought her advice for my own projects, I have referred her to my clients to meet their marketing needs and she never disappoints. She is personable, interesting, and professional. ElleGee also has other varied interests that give her a unique perspective on her work. You can’t go wrong choosing her for your marketing needs.

~Maura Thomas, Trainer, Speaker & Author, Corporate Productivity and Attention Management

Nathan Boren

Nathan Boren

Pragmatic and a Pioneer

“ElleGee is uncanny in her ability to take the ambiguous and find clarity. She has a mix of creativity and logic that allows her to take extremely complex ideas and boil them down to actionable objectives, strategies and tactics.”

~Nathan Boren, WW Sales Strategy & Operations, Stripe

Andrea Harlan
Andrea Harlan
On-Demand CMO

We hired ElleGee as an outside marketing pro to help us fine-tune our strategy. She helped us identify the things that produced the greatest impact resulting in a 30% increase in sales. She also developed our social media strategy resulting in over a 100% audience increase. I would highly recommend her as an on-demand CMO to anyone looking to make a difference to their bottom line.

~Andrea Harlan, Owner/Broker of Harlan Realty, Million Dollar Guild Member


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